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    Default If you have been kicked/banned from our server

    If you have been kicked from a JK Division server, it was for an infraction of our rules (which is circumstantial and up to the admin who kicked you). If you feel you were abused, please post similar information as if you have been banned (see below).

    Kickable offenses:
    1. Laming numerous times.
    2. Team Killing, Team Damaging.
    3. Wearing the AOD tag and not being a Member of AOD.
    4. Accidental admin action resulting in the automatic kicking of a specific name or IP.
    5. Flaming AOD or any of our members (This includes swearing).

    If you have been banned from a JKII\MBII server, please use this as a guide. You do have some recourse.

    AOD's first, and most import rule, is that all players must be respectful at all times, regardless of circumstances. All other rules are an extension to this. AOD will ban anyone who severely breaks any of our rules.

    Bannable Offenses*:
    1. Hacking and cheating.
    2. Any and all forms of racism.
    3. Severely defaming or disrespecting any player sexually, racially, gender bias, etc.
    4. Impersonating AOD members.
    5. Using AOD tags without being a member.
    6. Repeatedly ignoring an admin (including his/her attempts to correct a situation).
    7. Refusing to comply with any reasonable request by an admin.
    8. Cruel, offensive, or otherwise disturbing remarks.
    9. Accidental admin action.
    10. Using a VPN will get you autobanned by our script.**

    If you feel that you have been banned in error or unjustly make a new topic in this section with the Topic Title being "Unban Request".

    You must include the following:
    • The reason that you think you were banned.
    • The admin who banned you, if you know.
    • The circumstances under which you were banned.
    • Your IP.
    • An apology to whomever you have offended if you were banned for doing so.

    *If you meet any of the bannable conditions met above, it is not likely you will get much attention. Posting a request is not a guarantee of being unbanned. It may also take a few days for your post to be reviewed, depending on how busy we are/the time of year/etc. If you believe that your actions were misinterpreted (such as an instance of hacking), please also include a detailed description of why.

    **If you are banned by the VPN Script your ban will not be removed, no exceptions!

    All bans are permanent in time. If your ban is not retracted, there will be no negotiations and you are not welcome in the servers.
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