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    Default Server Information & Rules

    The JK division has 3 servers. All 3 of our servers are hosted through BFS - Each of which are $10/mo.

    AOD Pandemonium

    JKA Primary Server: 32-man MB2 Server (UP):

    Location: Quebec/Canada

    AOD Purgatory
    JKA Secondary Server: 32-man MB2 Server (UP):

    Location: Chicago/US

    AOD Honor Duels
    JKA Primary Server: 32-man MB2 Server (UP):
    Location: Chicago/US

    Server Rules & Conduct

    The following are enforced at all times in AOD MB2 Servers:
    • Respect for all players
    • Chat to be kept at PG-13 and game related. Any discussion that could lead to a debate/argument is not tolerated. (Ban) (ie. Chat related to race, religion, politics or questioning/taunting admin commands is not tolerated)
    • Deka spam during high volume traffic periods may result in a forced class switch.
    • You may be kicked to make room for AOD members, however a warning will always go up in Admin say before.

    The following are prohibited in AOD MB2 Servers:
    • Clan recruiting (Ban - no warning) ie. clan addresses are not to be advertised in our servers
    • IP Changing / VPN / Ban Evading (Ban - no warning)
    • Vulgar language or racial comments / slurs (Ban/Kick)
    • Team Killing (warnings / Kick)
    • Bugging / Hacking / aimbots are not allowed (instaban)
    • Hugging / Holding up rounds in any way.
    • Rebel team camping (Rebel team must be out of hanger and generator by 2:00)
    • Kill Trackers/Utilities
    • Number names 0 - 32 are not allowed and sometimes all White Padawan names.
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