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    Icon5 Opinions on G0D squadron; the immortals

    I found this post on another forum. if its true just a heads up.

    I have read on reddit that during squadron battles(event) this clan cheats using flaws in FMs to climb faster and DDOSing. Well last night me and DarkFlame enquontered one of their members in a Korea jet match. I made first contact with him 6km out ~1.5km below me. I turned to engage him and began my manuvers to slot in behind him, as I was approaching I suddenly got 100% packet loss rendering me unable to move. After a few seconds packet loss drops to 85% and I'm now on fire and going down giving him the kill. Shorly latter 4 of only our team mates crash at the same time as if from packet loss. I'm not accusing them of DDOSing saying I don't have proof, but it smells REALLY fishy that other squadrons have very similar reports of that clan. G0D, The Immortals, watch out for them and see if this happens to you.

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    not impossible but sounds highly unlikely.

    Like when people scream haxs or aim-bot when they get smoked by someone else for any reason.

    Sometimes your the ping whore and sometimes your the lag whore , you can good have a great connect to a match and poor connect to a player in it (if they have a high ping), with poor results and another players could have a poor connection to the same match and get good results (for example his hits register on others when /if he pre-fires, but he does not take damage properly etc..)

    LAg does some crazy-weird shit, Agreed!,

    but controlling lag and specifically, purposefully pin-pointing it to a single player or a single match exactly when and where you want it to happen = highly unlikey


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