If anyone is having trouble downloading quickly on Origin you are not alone. Luckily, I do however have a solution that might help. Several months ago when I was attempting to download BF3 I discovered a thread on some random website and in it was something that actually worked (at least for me). I saw my speeds actually go to a somewhat decent speed. Here's the fix use at your own risk.

R&D Mode in Origin:
This option may work if the DNS fix hasn't fixed your speed issue, you may also try both. This doesn't work on downloads already started. You will need to restart whatever downloads you having running and also restart Origin.
To start Origin in R&D Mode:
1.Restart Origin.
2.Right click on desktop and create new empty document.
3.Paste the following two lines in the new document:
[connection] EnvironmentName=production
[Feature] CdnOverride=akamai

4.Save this new file as "EACore.ini"
Start Origin 5.When prompted about importing the file you just created on your Desktop, choose "Yes".

Hope this helps anyone. =D