One a week Warframe has been posting challenges to win the title of Blade and Gun Champion. Below is the link to the official web site where the contest is being held. ITS SO EASY! I would like to see all members of the clan participate. All you have to do is follow the rules that I posted below and take a screen shot. Then head to the forums and post. How cool would it be to see a fellow AOD member on the DEV stream so dont forget to post.

Blade and Gun Challenge: Explosive Timing

Accuracy is an important part of mastering any weapon, but sometimes there are better options than simply shooting the enemy. Quick thinking and fast reflexes can dispatch multiple enemies with only a single bullet - providing efficiency at the cost of stealth.

Why else would the Corpus and Grineer leave so much volatile liquid around in barrels if not to give Tenno a golden opportunity? Just be light on your feet, Tenno. There's no need to get caught in the blast.

Approved Primary Weapons
Braton (All Variants)
Burston (All Variants)
Latron (All Variants)

Secondary and Melee weapons may be equipped, but CANNOT be used in the submission.

How to Participate:
Entry into each week's challenge requires:

A screenshot of the specific Loadout used for the Challenge.
A screenshot of the completed Challenge Objective

Although the objective changes from week to week, entries should be submitted in the form of in-game screenshots. All submissions must be included in a single post in the Blade and Gun Challenge: Explosive Timing forum thread.

Blade and Gun Challenges are open to Tenno on every platform.
No Photoshop allowed.
You may provide multiple submissions, up to a maximum of 3 screenshots.

Challenge Objective:

Participants in the Blade and Gun Challenge must have the following in their submitted screenshots:

Kill at least 2 enemies with a single explosion caused by shooting an explosive barrel.

It must also include:

You must be on the move. You may be running, jumping, sliding, diving or walking in the submission, but any submission given with the player standing or crouching will be disqualified.

Screenshots must include at least one feature from the first category and entries must be submitted in the same post as the Loadout. All screenshots should include weapons approved for the Blade and Gun Challenge as listed above.

Entry to the Blade and Gun Challenge: Explosive Timing closes Thursday, Feb 26 at 12:00 p.m. EST. All submissions must be delivered before that date.

One qualifying Tenno that best captures the explosive moment of an improvised attack wins this week's Blade and Gun Challenge and earns the following rewards:

A unique Forum title: Blade and Gun Champion
A chance to create a future Blade and Gun Challenge to test their fellow Tenno!

All Challenge Winners are tracked over the course of eight weeks. Once eight Challenge Winners have been determined, winners are formed into teams to compete in a special edition Blade and Gun Challenge featuring Platinum prizes!

Good luck and have fun, Tenno!